Math teachers can insert photographs into GeoGebra software then explore various math objectives related to the Common Core Math Standards, the paper shows how to motivate students to learn math and minimize math anxiety while doing it. While covering the new Common Core State Standards, the topics will explore the math that surrounds us in the real world thus creating a connection between the abstract math and the life experiences. When math has a purpose, then students are willing to spend time in exploring and understanding new concepts. Real-life photographs that are inserted into GeoGebra will provide the basis to observe relationships with different and similar shapes. Technology like GeoGebra can help motivate young learners to enjoy learning mathematics while addressing math anxiety and attitudes. The presentation/paper will show educators how by importing photography into the GeoGebra software, teachers can explain math concepts and make the learning of math more real-world and relevant. In an age of STEM, it is critical that we motivate and turn young people onto math through technology. Online websites and resources for addressing math anxiety and attitudes are also shared.

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