Research "For a Change": Time to Evoke, Provoke, and Invoke

January 2022

Nova Southeastern University

Questions such as “Who we research, what we research, how we research, where we research, when we research, why we research, and even who are ‘we’?” have never been more critical for qualitative researchers to consider. The politics of the choices we make beyond basic methodological decisions are more meaningful today than ever before. Are we questioning the questions we use to organize what we do as researchers? Do we only justify our studies from gaps we construct from previous published research or can we justify the needs for our research outside the library? What motivates us to research? What hinders our researching efforts? How do we overcome barriers, biases, bullying, and bigotry?

It is not only our research questions, but also our research objectives that matter: What are our goals?

  • Evoke: To bring, recall, or to arouse
  • Provoke: To stimulate, give rise to, or call forth
  • Invoke: To appeal to or call upon others for action

Should we be content to report our findings or should we be making a difference? Action is not only found in action research.

What is the social impact of our research?

Is it all about citations? What about stimulation, causation, confrontation, liberation, escalation, and transformation?

There are now more ways than traditional publishing for researchers to spread the word of their work. How are you reaching new audiences beyond the realm of academia so policymakers, decisionmakers, difference makers, lawmakers, earthquakers, homemakers, codebreakers, risktakers, caretakers, movers and shakers can learn what you have learned from those who have shared their lives, their dreams, their aspirations, their struggles, and their successes?

At TQR2022, come share your research “For a Change” and make a contribution to our vibrant qualitative research community.

Please submit your presentation ideas and join us next January at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA for TQR2022! We will be accepting submissions starting in February. Over the next few weeks, we will share more details about TQR2022 on the conference's web site. As always, please let us know your questions and comments by sending us your emails to, posting to our Facebook page, or by tweeting us!

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