Living in a Post-Covid World

February 2023

Nova Southeastern University

Since 2019, we have been living in a world-wide pandemic of Covid with the hope soon we may see the passing of the disease. Now, as the virus continues to affect our lives three years later, we are beginning to realize we may be entering a phase of our human existence where Covid becomes endemic in populations all over the globe as it continually maintains a presence in our world. In other words, the new normal has already arrived and Covid is a part of it.

As qualitative researchers, we know we have an important role to play in this not so quite post-Covid world. We have already begun to report how we live, play, and work has been altered by co-existing with Covid. We live more at home, we work more online, and we play in something now called the meta-verse. Can we improve how we describe, interpret, understand, and possibly challenge this new world? Do we need new questions, designs, methods, procedures, and media to study and re-present this world? Have our ways of learning and teaching qualitative inquiry changed permanently?

At the 14th Annual TQR Conference in February 2023, we invite you to share papers in which you describe what you have learned from your qualitative inquiries on all aspects of life from all around the world. We would also love to learn how your work as a qualitative researcher and educator has changed and evolved to meet these challenging times. Please consider presenting a workshop in which you help your colleagues learn new skills to conduct and report their work better or how to teach new qualitative researchers more effectively.

Please join us at TQR2023 next February, as we enjoy our 4th decade as a qualitative research community! Contribute to our vibrant gathering of international qualitative researchers by submitting your paper presentation and workshop ideas! We will be accepting submissions starting in February, so please check our conference website over the next few weeks as we share more details about TQR2023. As always, please let us know your questions and comments by sending us your emails to, posting to our Facebook page, or by tweeting us!

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