Department of Conflict Resolution Studies Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – Department of Conflict Resolution Studies

First Advisor

Dustin Berna

Second Advisor

Neil Katz

Third Advisor

Judith McKay


conflict, economics, globalization, migration, population


As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the question of economy, of who hinders it or allows it to blossom, has become a point of contention that has led to many acts of violence. This research utilizes globalization as an economic theory as the underlying factor that causes these violent conflicts and imminent mass movements of migration. In using this lens, I emphasize that economically fueled violent conflict leads to the migration of populations and their ultimate elimination. Thus, the purpose of this study is to investigate and draw data from major violent conflicts in different nation-states and perform a quantitative analysis that demonstrates that economics is indeed the root cause of conflict. I also seek to prove that economics is the driving force of mass-migration. The central research questions of this study are: what is the relationship between globalization and violent conflict and what is the main cause of mass migration? Here, we will be examining population, GDP, and structural balance (economic infrastructure) are the variables in correlational calculations. In using quantitative methods and nation state and its economic stability in relation to conflict and migration can be used as predictors in order to prevent or deter devastating consequences.