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Dark Matter Series

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The Dark Matter series explores my recent interest in the theories of dark matter, which is present in both the vast universe and microscopic DNA. Drawings, prints, paintings and jewelry forms are shaped out of simple repeated marks and relate to the unknown forms of dark matter which are thought to comprise up to 80% of the universe. Scratched, drawn, etched, painted and cast metal objects populate a space with and without gravity. Marks are often so small, they prove difficult to see in a singular sense and can be read only as a mass. Images and titles revolve around collections, gatherings and clusters of matter, as well as voids and emptiness. The theme is the expanding of science towards an unforeseen, unpredictable and unknown end.

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Barbara Ryan, M.F.A., is a painter and printmaker working with themes about sense memory, permissible violence, consumption, science, place identity, scale, and nostalgia. Ryan holds a B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Painting. She is an assistant professor at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, and serves as major chair of the college's art program, as well as co-director/curator of Gallery 217, located in the Don Taft University Center. She recently was awarded a membership at the Print Center of New Jersey, where she is a candidate for Artist in Residence. Her work is exhibited and collected by regional collectors and national collections.

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Dark Matter

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Memory of You

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Sacred Soil

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Solemn Stone

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