Aims & Scope

Quadrivium invites all Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and graduate students to present submissions for the journal’s next issue.

Types of Submissions

  • Explorations of faculty/graduate student areas of specialization and research
  • Reflections on the college's current academic theme and the related scholarship activities and opportunities on campus
  • Analyses of the type of work we do as teachers and scholars
  • Meta-narratives that explore the process of engaging in scholarship
  • Experimental findings
  • Topic review papers
  • Images of artwork along with artist statements
  • Production narratives (textual and/or visual) that describe the process of creating a theatre, music, or dance performance
  • Interviews with individuals whose work informs our scholarly disciplines
  • Reviews of creative productions developed by Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences faculty, such as art exhibitions or performances
  • Reviews of books written by Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences faculty
  • Reviews of conferences

In addition to traditional scholarship, we invite critical and creative works produced within the college, discussion and deliberation of questions important to the college, and explorations of local resources useful to disciplinary scholarship.

If you know of a creative production that could be reviewed, or have produced a text that could be reviewed, please contact us so we can help identify a reviewer.

Digital Media Submissions

As an electronic journal, we invite alternative genres and texts that utilize digital media such as hypertext, audio, images, and video to showcase the college’s diverse interests and abilities.

Previously Published Work

Work being published in Quadrivium should not already be published elsewhere. If any of the content in your Quadrivium submission has been previously published elsewhere in the exact form, you must get permission in writing for us to republish it. In many cases, publishers will not allow such republication of material. Also, publishers may not consider publishing work in the future that has already been published online in Quadrivium (regardless of whether we would give permission to do so).