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This photo was taken at the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, a locally managed marine protected area in Fiji. The site is run as an ecotourism destination by Beqa Divers, who work with the local villages in managing the reef and the feeding sites. This image was taken on one of the many dives taken as part of an internship with broadreach, an study abroad organization. This photo is of a bull shark eating a trevally heads at one of the feeding sites on the reef. I feel the image covers the conservation issues of ecotourism and the issues of bycatch with commercial and recreational fisheries, referenced by the hook and line trail seen embedded in the jaw. I am unclear as to whether this violates the rule on staged photos or not since this is a feeding site and not a photo in a completely natural setting but thought I should submit it anyway.


I already posted this on deviant art years ago under the ITacoSharkI profile with the CCL selected below.


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