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In 1987, Nova University (Contractor) with ERM South (Subcontractor) was awarded a contract to provide biological monitoring services for the John U. Lloyd State Recreation Area Beach Renourishment Project. A notice to proceed for the initial biological monitoring (phase I - Preconstruction) was issued in February, 1989. Field monitoring took place in February and March, 1989. Laboratory work has continued from March, 1989 to present. The renourishment dredging took place from May 16, 1989 to July 14, 1989. Approximately 603,000 cu yds of sediment were removed and subsequently emplaced on 1.6 miles of shoreline. Within the next 6 months, Broward County anticipates letting a contract to till the compacted beach to a depth of 36" from the low water line to the upland vegetation line.


"Prepared for: Broward County Environmental Quality Control Board, Erosion Prevention District" From caption.