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This report documents the August 1992 monitoring of benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in the Pon Everglades Southpon turning basin vicinity and adjacent areas of John U. Lloyd State Recreation Area. This is the third monitoring effort of the series carried out by Nova University Oceanographic Center. Sampling was carried out chiefly during the first two weeks of August 1992. Hurricane Andrew and its aftermath resulted in delays in sampling at several sites and in analyzing data. A two-week postponement in submission deadline was requested and granted. An additional postponement, to 31 January 1992, was requested due to a move at the Smithsonian Institution that prevented some consultants from returning identifications on time.

A history of the monitoring project since its inception in 1988 was given in the report submitted December 1991 and is included here again for reference. This report also includes the tabular data for the two previous surveys (August 1991 and January 1992) together with a discussion of all three surveys carried out by Nova University.

Please note modifications to the Ponar grab sample data for the January 1992 survey. In the original report for that survey, we inadvertently omitted doubling the dataset from large volume samples of which we sorted 50% (following the methodology described below). Diversity indices were not affected.


"Prepared for: Port Everglades Authority" From caption.