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This report documents the January 1993 monitoring of benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in the Port Everglades Southport turning basin vicinity and adjacent areas of John U. Lloyd State Recreation Area. This is the fourth monitoring effort of the series carried out by Nova University Oceanographic Center. Sampling was carried out during 4-15 January and 1-22 February 1993, the extended period due chiefly to weather and tidal constraints. Comparison with results of preceding survey efforts will be included in the annual report following the August 1993 survey. The section treating the Ponar grab samples is now complete: identifications of the remaining groups of invertebrates (oligochaetes, sipunculans, cumaceans, nemertines) have been received from consultants, and the data have been incorporated, along with calculation of diversity indices and evenness values.


"Prepared for: Port Everglades Authority" From caption.