Frank Lloyd Wright: The Future of Architecture


Frank Lloyd Wright: The Future of Architecture



"THE FUTURE OF ARCHITECTURE will be happily welcomed, by those familiar with the life and work of the greatest living architect, as one of the most important books of our time.

To the growing number of readers and students throughout the world now eagerly becoming acquainted with Frank Lloyd Wright's vast achievement, this volume, containing his major statements on architecture during the past quarter century, will serve as an indispensable survey.

it begins with the long, widely discussed "Conversation" (1953) in which Mr. Wright, at the height of his career, explains his aims and contributions in architecture. By gesture and example as he talks, he here brings home to us in the most graphic and exciting way the essence of his masterwork which has dominated the world of architecture in the twentieth century.

This section, uniquely illustrated with his buildings and the gestures of his hands running parallel with the accompanying text, renders his concepts of an organic architecture vividly alive. Even for those who have had the experience of seeing or moving about in his buildings, Mr. Wright creative imagination becomes manifest in a meaningful new way.

THE FUTURE OF ARCHITECTURE also brings together, for the first time within the covers of one volume, several rare works originally published in separate editions which have been unavailable and in intense demand for years: Modern Architecture - The Princeton Lectures, The Chicago Lectures, Some Aspects of The Past and Present of Architecture, and The Future of Architecture; all complete.

And in a challenging document, invaluable to every student of creative building, Mr. Wright defines in 1953 the Language of Organic Architecture as he has employed it throughout a lifetime of work.

With this definitive volume the reader get a new sense of architecture, not merely as one phase of our life concerned with shelter and comfort, but as basic, organic necessity for a true democracy.

THE FUTURE OF ARCHITECTURE is illustrated throughout with photographs of Mr. Wright's epoch-making buildings."

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Horizon Press


New York, NY


Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright



Frank Lloyd Wright: The Future of Architecture
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