Lopez Laboratory: Genomics & Microbial Data

Lopez Laboratory: Genomics & Microbial Data



Submissions from 2023

Understanding Harmful Algal Blooms-Temporal and Spatial Characterization of Microbial Communities from Lake Okeechobee, Lauren E. Krausfeldt, Viviana Mazzei, Emily Karnacki, Paisley Samuel, and Jose V. Lopez

Submissions from 2021

Analysis of Sediments from Port Everglades Inlet (PEI) for Microbiome Characterization, Jose V. Lopez, Catherine Bilodeau, Hyo Lee, and Lauren E. Krausfeldt

Submissions from 2018


Comparison of Porifera Bacterial Symbiont Community Profiles Based on Host Species and Source Template, Celeste Banfill and Jose Lopez

Submissions from 2017


Nuclear Genome Size Diversity Of Marine Invertebrate Taxa Using Flow Cytometric Analysis, Kyle Roebuck