This article seeks to explore the role of the mining sector in peace building, conflict prevention and community development in Ghana. After thoroughly reviewing secondary data, including articles, books, journals, newspapers, etc., via critical document review and qualitative research approaches the research found that, there is no legal document on CSR in Ghana, yet mining companies in a free will, have executed CSR programs laying down for peace, security and development in the country. More so, this article provides a theoretical support for the Integrative theory of CSR on the basis that, the socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental needs of communities should be integrated into a corporate business objective for peace and security. Therefore, the article provides information on the need for a holistic and collaborative approach between civil society groups and government agencies in Ghana to work out for a comprehensive CSR policy backed by law.

Author Bio

Abdul Karim Issifu holds a BA degree in Integrated Community Development from the University for Development Studies-Ghana. He is currently an MPhil candidate (Peace and Development Studies) and a Research Assistant at the Institute for Development Studies, University of Cape Coast-Ghana. Additionally, he holds membership in a number of reputable organisations and associations, including Peace and Collaborative Development Network. His research interests include conflict management and peace building, traditional conflict resolution, gender and development, war and peace research.


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