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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2017)

A look at International Conflict

The editorial board of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Conflict Science is pleased to another international issue addressing timely subjects of conflict engagement. Our first article is from Mr. Abdul Karim Issifu and addresses the conflict resolution and peacebuilding role of social organizations in Ghana. This is Mr. Issifu’s second contribution to the JICS. Our second article is from Dr. Ahmed M. Asfahani, assistant professor and Director of Human Resources for The University of Business and Technology which looks at the cross-cultural experiences of Saudi Sojourners in the United States. This is Dr. Asfahani’s first article submission and examines the interpersonal identity conflict experienced by this demographic. This issue of the JICS presents articles with timely information for all conflict specialists interested in middle eastern/African conflict studies and related subject matter.

Research Articles