Subject Area

Psychology, Social Work


This exploratory study examines the demographic profile and diagnoses of deaf and hard of hearing Asian consumers in Maryland who received behavioral healthcare services from January 2016 to January 2019. Results show that: 1) most deaf consumers lived in private residences, 2) most consumers felt somewhat satisfactory in their mental health recovery, 3) almost half had mood disorder diagnoses, 4) nearly 25% had a schizophrenia diagnosis which was more than three times higher than the prevalence for non-Asian populations, and 5) deaf Asian consumers were more likely to have alcohol-related disorders. The discussion includes comparisons with other racial and ethnic groups of deaf and hard of hearing counterparts studied by Crowe (2019). The depiction of deaf Asian people as the "model minority" in the U.S. serves to conceal actual mental health and alcohol use issues prevalent in the deaf and hard of hearing Asian communities.