Subject Area

Counseling, Education, Health Care, Psychology, Public Policy, Social Work


Domestic violence is a pervasive and destructive phenomenon that occurs frequently, especially among people of color and individuals with disabilities. This study surveyed 195 Deaf and hard of hearing college students about their knowledge of domestic violence services, their concerns for agency staff characteristics, and service delivery, and the impact of additional disabilities. Results indicate that 74.8% of the sample knew someone who had experienced violence within the past year. Most respondents knew where to go for help, yet none or few of the individuals who experienced violence sought help. Respondents ranked services they felt most comfortable asking and which aspects of service delivery they felt were most important. The results of this study validate the notion that domestic violence occurs frequently among Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Service provision in terms of the type of service provided should be culturally relevant and the agency staff members culturally competent.