Petrus Ng


Helping members of the deaf culture to engage in gainful work is an important means of their integration into the community. However, members of the deaf culture are often received simply as those with impaired hearing, and they experience difficulties in obtaining and keeping work. Cross-cultural and communication conflict is a major factor affecting their employment opportunities. Audism, the social prejudgement of the capacities of members of the deaf culture, is part of this conflict. These factors restrict their social and vocational opportunities. The aim of this study is to assess the employment situation of members of the deaf community in Hong Kong. Analyses of the responses of 111 individuals indicate that people with hearing impairment are dissatisfied with their work situation, the opportunities offered them, and the limited facilities to help them cope with difficulties at work. A more comprehensive study to explore the needs of people with hearing impairment and ways to improve their employability is warranted.