This article is a description of the development and two-year implementation of a Cooperative Agreement between DeKalb College and the Georgia Sensory Rehabilitation Center. The agreement was initiated by DeKalb College due to the increase in applicants with potential to prepare for development studies. These needs included assessment, Academic upgrading, vocational information, and study skills improvement. During this time, the Georgia Division of Rehabilitation Services established the Georgia Sensory Rehabilitation Center with a mandate to network with existing services. The timing of increased demand at DeKalb College and development of the Georgia Sensory Rehabilitation Center was right for initiation of this program. Resources of both institutions will be described and how they "fit together."

This paper also address the details of the agreement and pros and cons of implementation. Issues addressed include bureaucracy (two different institutions)/staff turf protection/meeting program requirements at two different sites, funding/ stigma of college students at a rehabilitation center/ use of computer assisted instruction/and supervision.