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Interviewee Name

Prasanna Karur

Date of Interview

Fall 9-15-2023


NSU Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Brief Bio / Description of Interviewee

Serendipitously, the pandemic also changed my life in a very great way. My friends, this is a year before the pandemic, so 2019 summer, my friends would tell me that I should start a podcast because I had these great thoughts. I had great thinking and I would dive into deep conversations; they said, “You'd be a great host.” OK. So January, I started the idea of having a podcast before the pandemic hit. The reason I wanted to do the podcast is because I wanted to talk to individuals and have deep conversations with them about their childhood adventures and how their childhood adventures influence their current life right now. My motto was to “rediscover your inner child” and my second motto was “prioritize your own happiness over society's expectations for you.” I think at least there should be 50 episodes now. What really helped in my podcast was the word sonder. It's from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, sonder is a word that means to realize that every single individual around you has a life as complicated as the one you live. That realization is what drove me to start a podcast that is kind of what drove me to do narrative medicine because everyone has a story. My patients, when I'm a doctor, will have a story. I want to explore those stories and help them in the best capacity I can. So that kind of fell in line with that. That's why I started.

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Nikon Z6

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