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Interviewee Name

Jeannie Harris

Date of Interview

Winter 1-18-2024


NSU Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Brief Bio / Description of Interviewee

“Oh, I love how flowers make me smile. That’s why I label that tree in the back, the happiness tree. In the summer, you'll always see me in flowers. I love to make things happy and this office is my space when I'm not with you. I'm in here; I'm making it home away from home. I'm working on some more rugs. Making some butterfly rugs next. I've also done some crocheting and I’ve made quilts. I like to occupy my hands or mind. That's why I love reading, crossword puzzles, and crafts. I like pretty things. When I was in school, I would also make sequin calendars. Everyone is important. Everyone has stories to share and how they become who they are. That's why I try to have the best smiles for you always when you have those tests. Because you need that. It's a scary time for you. You're constantly pedal to the metal. Let's get this mission done. But like for me, I was born and raised in the military every year of my life, I had to move. And so because of that. That's how I am a strong, independent woman as I am, because I learned that family is important and the people that you see, it's temporary. It's like I feel like I'm a page in many people’s books. I'm hoping that you guys will always remember a little bit of Jean. I believe that we're here to spread love and positivity. The world is dark, we need to bring in the light and that's what I like to do.”

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Nikon Z6

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