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Date of Interview

Winter 1-20-2023


NSU Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Brief Bio / Description of Interviewee

“My family in general: my mom, dad, two siblings- one brother and one sister. I am the middle child. My dad works from home, my mom is a stay-at-home mom. I was super blessed to always be around my parents. Having that dynamic was awesome. My mom is a very sporty person, she's a very “let’s go out and throw a football” kind of person. Growing up with her not working, being around– I could go out in the yard and throw a ball with my mom. From early on I thought my mom was the coolest person ever. She’s amazing. As I got older, my mom fully trusted that I was never not going to get work done or have any issues. I was a good kid so they didn’t have to worry about me getting in trouble. For me, my mom really supported who I was. Didn’t give me a hard time with school, didn’t give me a hard time when I was going to hang out with friends. She would be like “if you need a ride let me know”! She was supportive like that. Even with school now, if I get a bad grade on a test she’s like “do you feel like you prepared for it enough” and if I did, then she would say what are you worried about? She’s a person I like to be around and I like to talk to her all the time. I like her atmosphere that she gives off as a person. She’s very fun and supportive. Even at home I play ping-pong in our basement with her. She’s a cool mom. She’s awesome. “

Camera Equipment

Nikon Z6

Audio Equipment

iPhone 11 Pro Max


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