Department of Speech Language Pathology Faculty Articles

Department of Speech Language Pathology Faculty Articles



Submissions from 2012

Choosing an aoo for AAC., Carole Zangari

Communication and apraxia, Carole Zangari

Helping the general education team support students who use AAC., Carole Zangari

Submissions from 2011

Age-related differences in idiom production in adulthood, P. S. Conner, J. Hyun, Barbara O'Connor Wells, I. Anema, M. Goral, M. Monereau-Merry, D. Rubino, R. Kuckuk, and L. K. Obler

Acoustic analysis of voice and speech characteristics in presymptomatic gene carriers of Huntington's disease: Biomarkers for preclinical sign onset?, Lea Kaploun, J. H. Saxman, P. Wasserman, and K. Marder

Teaching AAC in the online environment: Methods and Challenges, Carole Zangari

Submissions from 2010

Helping families gain acceptance of ACC strategies, Carole Zangari

Submissions from 2009

NBASLH Forges New Partnerships and Scholarship Opportunities for Graduate Student Members, Ann Bernadette Mayfield-Clarke

Submissions from 2007

Use of non speech oral motor treatment for functional articulation disorders., S. L. Hayes

The importance of verb form-regularity in agrammatism, Barbara O'Connor, L. K. Obler, and M. Goral

International perspectives on AAC: South Africa, Ireland, Israel, Carole Zangari

Submissions from 2005

Examining Low-Level Lead Poisoning and Speech and Language Performances on School-Aged Children, Ann Bernadette Mayfield-Clarke

The Relationship between Low-Level Lead Poisoning and Speech/Language Behaviors in School-Aged Children, Ann Bernadette Mayfield-Clarke

Agrammatism: A crosslinguistic clinical perspective, Barbara O'Connor, I. Anema, H. Datta, T. Signorelli, and L. K. Obler

Submissions from 2004

Oral Pressure and Velopharyngeal Function: A Bi-Directional Relationship, Helene R. Fisher

Symbolization and the young child with significant communication challenges, Carole Zangari

Submissions from 2000

Acquisition of definite article + noun agreement in Spanish-English bilingual children with specific language impairment, N. Eng and Barbara O'Connor

Submissions from 1997

Achievement of Clinet Expectating when treating a Presurgical Male-To-Female Transsexual for a More Appropriate Female-Sounding Voice: A clinical Note., Fred DiCarlo

Submissions from 1994

Building (The) New Community School, C. Elster, P. Linehan, P. Weiss, and Carole Zangari

AAC: An Historic Perspective, Carole Zangari, L. Lloyd, and B. Vicker

Augmentative and alternative communication: An historic perspective, Carole Zangari, L. Lloyd, and B. Vicker

Submissions from 1991

Computer use in communication Sciences and disorders: What are we teaching student clinicians?, Carole Zangari and T. Newby

Submissions from 1990

A "Working Party" approach to planning inservice training in manual signs for an entire public school staff., B. L. Loeding, Carole Zangari, and L. Lloyd

Submissions from 1988

Augmentative and alternative communication, Carole Zangari, K. Kangas, and L. Lloyd