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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Occupational Therapy

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College of Health Care Sciences – Occupational Therapy Department

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Wendy K Stav

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Eli Stav

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Elizabeth Francis-Connolly

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Nova Southeastern University


Background: The positive impact of occupation and well-being has been documented throughout the literature, however, the direct link of using occupation-based practice (OBP) and improvement of client outcomes has not been well established. This research study considered what OBP is, what the constructs are that comprise it, and how facilitators and barriers impact its use. Results: Results of this grounded theory study included four main constructs of occupation-based practice (actual occupation, meaningful and purposeful value, therapeutic intent, and engaged participation) as well as the theory of OccupationalTherapist’s Dynamic Use of Occupation-Based Practice. This theory explains the dynamic process that a practitioner uses during each therapeutic interaction and how it impacts where on the continuum the interaction lies (medical model to occupation-based). Conclusion: The results of this study help inform the profession at the academic, continuing education, practice, and administrative levels view and understand occupation-based practice in a more concrete manner. The results of this study provide evidence for the creation of a measurement tool to further assess the use of occupation-based practice.


Occupational Therapy


constructs, meaningful, occupation, occupation-based practice, purposeful