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College of Health Care Sciences – Occupational Therapy Department

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Nova Southeastern University


Medicaid Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) waivers have allowed adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to remain in the community rather than transition to institutionalization. HCBS waivers vary drastically from state to state limiting consistency in services offered to adults with IDD within the community. Majority of HCBS waivers offered to adults with IDD do not fund occupational therapy as a habilitative service due to a variety of reasons. Many adults with IDD are negatively impacted by not receiving necessary services. After preliminary research, it was noted that there is limited information regarding occupational therapy practitioner knowledge of HCBS waivers. A survey was distributed to occupational therapy practitioners with at least three years of experience and it was determined that there is a need to educate occupational therapy practitioners about HCBS waivers as a potential funding source. The survey results concluded that occupational therapy practitioners required continued education regarding legislation and advocacy skills. The American Occupational Therapy Association and corresponding state occupational therapy associations need to continue to educate legislators and ensure the inclusion of occupational therapy in future Medicaid changes.


Occupational Therapy


adults with disabilities, Advocacy, Home and Community Based Service Waivers, Medicaid, Occupational Therapy Advocacy