Submission Date


Document Type

Entry Level Capstone

Degree Name

Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD)

First Mentor

Kim Branagan OTR/L

Second Mentor

Jen Martinc OTR/L


This 16-week capstone experience with Tampa General Hospital (TGH) focused on improving clinical practice skills in robotic-assisted technology for the adult and pediatric neuromuscular population specifically to improve functional use of the upper extremity. The capstone project is “comprised of a literature review, needs assessment, goals/objectives, and an evaluation plan based on specific focus areas” (ACOTE, 2020). Technology has provided unique opportunities for the OT treatment process. This capstone project focused on improving skills and implementation of robotic-assisted technology to increase upper extremity function. Protocols were created and explored for Tyromotion Diego, Bioness H200, and Bioness Integrated Therapy System. Implementation of this project has provided evidence of the effectiveness of the use of robotic-assisted technology, increased measurability, and a clinician guide for patient treatment. The student’s goals of this experience were to increase her skills through hands-on experience, participate in certification courses, review best practice techniques for a variety of devices, create a clinician education binder, explore measurability standards, and present her findings to TGH practitioners. The student received hands-on clinical practice using diego by tyromotion, bioness H200, BITS by bioness, and motus nova. In addition, she reviewed other evidence-based robotic devices to increase upper extremity function through a literature review. She was given a variety of learning opportunities including physical agent modalities (PAMs) certification, interactive metronome (IM) certification, Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) certification, and safe baby training. Achievement of her goals provided TGH with valuable resources including rehabilitation protocols, patient education, measurability standards, and current literature on the topic of robotic-assisted technology.