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Satisfaction and Importance Factors in Athletic Training Education

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Objective: To examine various institution and student demographics and the ratings of Satisfaction (SAT) and Importance (IMP) for several programmatic variables within Athletic Training Education Programs (ATEPs).

Design and Setting: A survey of SAT and IMP ratings of programmatic variables conducted with accredited, entry-level ATEPs.

Subjects: Students enrolled in their final semester/term.

Measurements: Students' SAT and IMP was measured by asking students to rate, on a 10-point Likert scale, seven programmatic factors. Various institution/program (state versus private affiliation, athletic division, Carnegie classification, and university enrollment) and student (age, gender, self-reported grade point average) demographic data were collected.

Results: The sample consisted of 403 students from 99 institutions. Total SAT and IMP was computed by calculating the mean score across all seven factors. An analysis of variance showed a significant difference (F2,275 = 4.25, P = .01) for SAT within Carnegie classification with master's institution students more satisfied than doctoral institution students. A repeated measures analysis found significant differences (F6,292 = 34.77, P < .001) between SAT factors with students more satisfied with instructor availability than the other factors A repeated measures analysis found significant differences (F6,292 = 53.64, P< .001) between IMP factors with the quality of instruction in the major and quality of clinical experiences rated higher than the other factors

Conclusions: Our results revealed that the type of institution has a greater effect upon student ratings of SAT and IMP than the student characteristics themselves.

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