Document Type

Literature Review

Publication Date

Summer 6-19-2022

Student Bio

Sofia A. Padilla is a second-year student pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy at Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy (NSU-COP) in Davie, Florida. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in May 2021 at Nova Southeastern University with a minor in Pre-Health. Sofia currently holds several leadership positions within her campus and takes part in various community projects and events. Her professional interests are related to geriatric, ambulatory care, and optimization of medication use. Her goal is to pursue a residency after completing her PharmD in 2025 to become a geriatric pharmacist.

Reviewing Professor

Dr. Robert Speth

College Course

PHRE 5223: Drugs of Abuse


Throughout the years, benzodiazepines are safe drugs to treat several conditions among the elderly population, including anxiety, mixed anxiety-depression, and insomnia. However, inappropriate use of this drug, together with known risks such as cognitive impairment, delirium, and falls, is on the rise in these recent years, making the elderly population more inclined to suffer adverse effects when using them. The literature review paper will examine the use of benzodiazepines among the elderly population and their abuse through various published articles that addressed these concerns. The paper will also examine some potential solutions that will reduce the inappropriate use of benzodiazepine to combat this ongoing issue.