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Flow Cytometric Isolation of Differentiated Cell-types from Embryoid Bodies

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University of California

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Induced differentiation of pluripotent embryonal carcinoma stem cells has been characterized as a cell culture model of early mammalian development. Since these cells can be prepared in bulk, they offer the opportunity to isolate relatively large amounts of biological material analogous to cell-types in the developing embryo; cell types that are both few in number and difficult to identify. We have established and morphologically and molecularly characterized differentiated embryoid bodies derived from the embryonal carcinoma cell line F9. Using the technique of fluorescent-activated cell sorting we were able to distinguish and isolate two differentiated cell-types from this model system based upon differences in their autofluorescence. We were then able to molecularly characterize expression of the endodermal marker alpha-fetoprotein in these isolated cell populations.


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