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Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict amid Change


Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict amid Change


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Stress and conflict are realities of life. Most workers feel stressed on a daily basis. Perhaps this stress is due to the recession in the economy, job losses, more work, going to school while working, job change, more responsibilities, uncertainty, conflict, and/or too many things to achieve in a short time period. People are living in a constant period of transition, and the shelf life of solutions keeps getting shorter since what works today can become obsolete a few months later. Where is all the stress coming from in today's life? Stress is often coming from or caused by people, technology, new information, and globalization trends. Some of the commonly addressed sources of stress for businesses can include changes in nature of the workforce, economy, social trends, politics, leadership, management, organizational structures, products, services, customers, changing and conflicting demands, and location of where the firm produces or offers its products. Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict amid Change is about helping people effectively manage stress, conflict, and change in the workplace. The topics covered in this book include change management, conflict management, time management, stress management, and effective problem-solving. The book emphasizes that stress, conflict and change are realities of life in every organization. They are a natural part of evolution and human development. They have been handled for thousands of years and should be positively managed so that professionals may maximize their productivity and success in life.



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Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict amid Change
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