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Business Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager


Business Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager


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All entrepreneurs, managers and their employees are impacted by law each day; and almost all human activity is affected by the law. Have you ever wondered why some firms are "Incorporated or Inc.," some are "Limited Liability Company, or LLC," while others are "limited partnership" and so on? Do you know which is appropriate for an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to open his/her own business? Did you know that you can protect your business plan as a legally protected trade secret? Well, if you are not totally familiar with these terms and concepts, there is no need to worry. This book is designed to help you become familiar with such concepts so you can make appropriate decisions about your company's status. Entrepreneurs and managers deal with "laws of the land" every day, and consequently must be aware of its nuances and complexities in order to successfully and interdependently work with others in the community, industry, and country. Thus, entrepreneurs and managers should become aware of the fundamental aspects of the legal system so they avoid legal problems and can seek the help of experts when dealing with complex issues. Business Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager is designed to provide the foundational aspects of the "American" legal system, as practiced in the United States, for current and aspiring entrepreneurs and managers. By reading and becoming familiar with the various topics presented, you will be better prepared to more effectively deal with legal challenges. Business Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager introduces the reader to fundamental principles of the laws regulating business as well as their practical application in the United States. The various chapters cover such topics as the law and the basic legal principles impacting entrepreneurs and managers; the foundational business laws that entrepreneurs and managers in the United States must become aware of and understand, as well as other important legal topics such as constitutional law, administrative law, torts, products liability, crimes, contract law, sales and agency laws, commercial paper, various forms of business organizations, and debtors and creditors laws. The study of this legal material will be very beneficial to entrepreneurs and managers. Business Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager is designed to be used academically for foundational business law courses, as well as practically, as a guide and an enlightening learning tool that the hard-working and on-the-go manager or entrepreneur will find useful. This book covers some of the most important and foundational laws that aspiring entrepreneurs and managers must understand and obey. A student or manager in the U.S. will find the explication of U.S. laws very important, particularly the emphasis on the moral "gaps" in U.S. law. The book is neither a bulky legal tome nor merely a "popular" legal offering; but rather an attempt to cover the laws governing business with a substantive, understandable, and pragmatic approach. Overall, the authors hope that all the stated and aforementioned objectives are attained in a stimulating, thought-provoking, perhaps at times provocative, and enjoyable manner; and as a result the knowledge of the reader is increased, the mental acuity of the reader is enhanced, and the mental discipline of the reader is strengthened.



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Business Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager
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