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Skill Deficiencies in Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations: Developing an Inclusion Skills Measurement Profile


Regina A. Greenwood0000-0002-5577-499X

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Academy of Strategic Management Journal



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Managing a diverse workforce is a business imperative yet challenges exist. Organizational members might neither recognize the impact they have on others nor how to build their toolkit of inter-cultural competence. If the organizational goal of embedding an inclusive environment is at odds with the values, behaviors, and attitudes of its employees, then inclusion will not be fully achieved and organizational performance will be impacted. While it is imperative to understand diverse attitudes, the next step in organizational diversity competence is identification of skills gaps and remediation. To accomplish these organizational outcomes we propose the further development and validation of an instrument, the Inclusion Skills Measurement Profile (ISM) The instrument will provide organizations with the information necessary to move diversity to the next level. The instrument will identify diversity skills gaps, thus enabling individual, teams and organizations to enhance their competence in this area. The instrument will provide feedback in seven areas: diversity sensitivity, integrity with difference, interacting with difference, valuing difference, team inclusion, managing conflict over difference, and embedding inclusion. The seven categories are based on experience of experts, and grounded firmly in relevant theory. Additionally, the article will present implications for practice and suggestions for future research.



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