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[Working Paper] Teaching and Learning Conference Proceeding


faculty development, onboarding, staff development, peer mentoring, teaching workshop series, faculty success, new hire workflow, college onboarding


The journey to engaged, excellent teaching requires support and preparation for those doing the teaching. In this session, we describe a college Faculty Onboarding Program we developed in 2023 to introduce our new Halmos faculty to NSU (Nova Southeastern University) and to Halmos, and to provide them with the resources and information needed to succeed in their new role—driven by the belief that effective onboarding will lead to higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment, and reduction in stress. Informed by feedback from recently hired faculty, we identified support strategies to help new faculty thrive by proactively removing barriers and minimizing guesswork, rather than fixing issues in a reactive fashion. In this presentation, we detail program resources that administrators and faculty can adapt for their own use, such as checklists to guide new faculty during their first day, week, term, and year. These resources are housed in a non-CRN Faculty Onboarding Canvas Site we created as a virtual learning community. The site houses modules on everything from how to get a Shark Card, how to handle grade disputes, to the process for faculty contract review. The program features synchronous and asynchronous components, both in-person and Zoom activities, such as a college New Faculty Orientation, Onboarding Open Houses, Canvas Support Sessions, a Teaching Workshop Series, and social gatherings with the Dean. We also expanded our Faculty Peer Mentor program using the CARES approach to Faculty Peer Mentoring and provided additional support to the Peer Mentors. We hope to spark inspiration and practical ideas for engaging faculty in their own colleges in a manner that supports excellence in teaching and learning across the university.

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