Chapter 4: The Intersection of Improv and Mediation

Chapter 4: The Intersection of Improv and Mediation

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The Mediation Handbook: Research, theory, and practice

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Alexia Georgakopoulos


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The Handbook of Mediation gathers leading experts across fields related to peace, justice, human rights, and conflict resolution to explore ways that mediation can be applied to a range of spectrums, including new age settings, relationships, organizations, institutions, communities, environmental conflicts, and intercultural and international conflicts. The text is informed by cogent theory, state-of-the-art research, and best practices to provide the reader with a well-rounded understanding of mediation practice in contemporary times.

Based on four signature themes—contexts; skills and competencies; applications; and recommendations—the handbook provides theoretical, applicable, and practical insight into a variety of key approaches to mediation. Authors consider modern conflict on a local and global scale, emphasizing the importance of identifying effective strategies, foundations, and methods to shape the nature of a mediation mindfully and effectively. With a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, the text complements the development of the reader’s competencies and understanding of mediation in order to contribute to the advancement of the mediation field.

With a conversational tone that will welcome readers, this comprehensive book is essential reading for students and professionals wanting to learn a wide range of potential interventions for conflict.



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In Part I: Promoting Dynamic Mediation in the New Age


Peace and Conflict Studies | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Chapter 4: The Intersection of Improv and Mediation
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