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Technical lesson plans on gender, gender analysis, community participation and natural resource management

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Managing Ecosystems and Resources with Gender Emphasis, Tropical Conservation and Development

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This is a collection of lesson plans that resulted from the Gender Analysis Training Course delivered at the University of Florida in Fall 1995. The course aimed to impart training skills as well as technical content related to gender, gender analysis, natural resource management, and community participation. This course was developed as part of MERGE (Managing Ecosystems and Resources with Gender Emphasis) and WIAD (Women in Agricultural Development) programs on the University of Florida Campus.

MERGE addresses the need to strengthen the understanding of gender issues and community participation in natural resource management on the part of both academic researchers and local technicians responsible for the implementation of natural resource management projects. An interdisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students are involved in developing techniques for incorporating gender concerns into research, teaching, and training activities. MERGE works with partner organizations to carry out training and networking on gender and natural resource management in specific sites in Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. This collaboration has included several field training activities. Experienced trainers from several of these and other training programs delivered specific lessons at the University of Florida course. This cross-training and collaborative exchange of experiences and information serves to strengthen all partners' training.

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