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The effectiveness of student-led online discussions as a strategy for promoting metacognition: A qualitative inquiry

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Philadelphia, PA / April 4-7, 2014

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Conference Proceeding

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Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association


Research is limited on how metacognition is facilitated and manifested in socially situated online learning environments such as online discussion forums. The purpose was to determine whether a metacognitive construct was useful in assessing metacognition in online discussions and to explore the effectiveness of student-led online discussions as an instructional strategy to promote metacognition by capturing students’ described experiences and how those experiences reflected metacognition processes. Results revealed that the metacognitive construct was useful and student-led online discussions can be an effective strategy for helping students develop dimensions of metacognition including knowledge, monitoring, and regulation. However, in order for students to use these skills effectively, instruction and guidance are needed particularly related to regulation of metacognition and co-construction of meaning.


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