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Internet Retrieval and Dissemination of Engineering Documentation: Prelude to The World Wide Web Technological Mall

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences


John A. Scigliano

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Jacques Levin

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Michael Moody


In the Information Age, Corporate America needs to realize that the most efficient and effective organizations are often the ones that are good at accessing, processing and retrieving vital information. American manufacturing design activities, which were responsible for developing and/or maintaining engineering documents, has come to realize the need for the latest technology for the dissemination of engineering documentation. However, at the same time, it is necessary to protect this information without compromising its accessibility and integrity.

The ability to expeditiously retrieve engineering documents is important for maintaining America's position in global competition and by the armed forces for America's security. Yet, these paper-intensive organizations have had great difficulties in storing and using engineering documents. As the volume of data generated continued to climb, organizations are finding that accessibility to their information is decreasing. Traditional methods for the delivery of engineering documents has created numerous problems ranging from the inability to find, use and update engineering documents to errors, unnecessary expenditures, and untimely delays in the shipment of critical equipment.

Internet retrieval of documents offers manufacturing design organizations a highly cost effective approach towards rectification. In this study, the researcher analyzed what had been the conventional approaches of engineering documents' storage and retrieval and what actions America design activities were taking to achieve change. The development and key aspects of the Web (World Wide Web) are discussed. Six case studies are described and analyzed: three involving traditional EDMS (engineering document management systems) and three involving different Internet approaches. In this study, a proposed methodology was developed using the Web to implement a multi-manufacturer technological mall that allowed secure access and delivery of manufacturers' solicitations and engineering documentation.

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