PROSPERITY-Promoting and Reinforcing Offerings, Supports, and Practices Engendering Resiliency through Inclusive Techniques and Community

Principal Investigator/Project Director

Meline Kevorkian

Colleges / Centers

Office of Academic Affairs


U.S. Department of Education (USED)

Start Date



The College of Computing and Engineering at NSU (a four-year Hispanic-Serving Institution) is leading a partnership with NSU student services departments, Broward County Public Schools, and local industry to implement a science improvement plan to strengthen learning outcomes for by addressing academic and personal challenges that negatively impact their learning success and career opportunities. Goal: To contribute to the American innovation economy by diversifying the STEM workforce. Objectives: (1) Increase the percentage of full-time, degree-seeking minority undergraduate students enrolled in Computer Science/IT, compared to the average minority enrollment in Computer Science/IT in the three-year period immediately prior to the beginning of the grant; and (2) Increase the percentage of minority students enrolled in Computer Science/IT who are on track to graduate within six years. 9,660 underrepresented minority and minority female Computer Science/Information Technology dual enrollment and lower division students. A1: New Computer Science/IT Dual Enrollment Cohort with the Broward County Public School (BCPS) District. A2: Specialized Academic Activities and Support Services. A3: Culturally Responsive Holistic Mentoring/Coaching/Advisement/Advocacy. A4: STEM Faculty Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Professional Development • A1: Annually create a new cohort of underrepresented minority/female juniors and seniors (minimum 10) from 5 diverse high-need BCPS schools; offer two new computer science dual enrollment courses; offer new Introduction to Research summer program to rising seniors in the new dual enrollment cohort; offer cohort participants access to coaching/mentoring (including developing personalized journey map), support services, co-curricular programs, industry networking, tutoring. • A2: Identify Hispanic, Black, and minority female freshmen and sophomores enrolled in any of seven key gateway courses, prioritizing Computer Science/IT majors who are on (or at-risk of being placed on) academic probation due to weak academic performance; offer targeted students access to coaching/mentoring (including developing personalized journey map), support services, co-curricular programs, industry networking, and specialized tutoring. • A3: Establish a new Coaching Community of Computer Science and Math faculty to support identified underrepresented minority/female dual enrollment cohort and lower division Computer Science/IT majors; recruit talented CCE underrepresented students trained to serve as near-peer coaches/role models/allies/tutors as part of the Coaching Community. • A4: Offer faculty training to increase awareness and ability to view all students through an intersectional asset-based lens; train faculty coaches/mentors how to “nudge” targeted Hispanic, Black, and minority female students who may be experiencing mental health/wellness/personal issues impacting their studies, referring them to appropriate internal and external resources. 1– Postsecondary Access, Affordability, Completion, and Post-Enrollment Success – (a) Supporting the development and implementation of high-quality and accessible learning opportunities, including learning opportunities that are accelerated or hybrid online, credit-bearing, work-based, and flexible for working students; (b) Supporting the development and implementation of evidence-based strategies to promote students’ development of knowledge and skills necessary for success in the workforce and civic life; (c) Providing secondary school students with access to career exploration and advising opportunities to help students make informed decisions about their postsecondary enrollment decisions and to place them on a career path. 2 – New Potential Grantees.

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