Quarantine of Coral Rescue Maintenance Animals

Principal Investigator/Project Director

Dorothy Ellen Renegar

Colleges / Centers

Halmos College of Arts and Sciences


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC)

Start Date



Five (5) quarantine raceway/ tanks will be provided by NSU for the quarantining of select coral rescue tank maintenance animals provided by FWC/ FWRI's Coral rescue project team members. The animals would need to be quarantined for 30 days and all animal husbandry care would need to be provided by NSU. The service provided by NSU consists of following parameters.  Leasing of 5 raceways/tanks for 2 separate 30-day periods.  All animal care (e.g., feeding, regular cleaning of tanks, removal of nuisance animals) would be provided by NSU staff  Costs would include any preparation and breakdown of tanks leased by FWC. PO amount breakdown: Five (5) tanks @ $950.00 Ea. per 30 day period, X (2) 30 day periods = $9,500.00. NOTE: All additional costs associated with FWC collecting the animals and shipping them to NSU would be covered by FWC as well as picking up the animals from NSU and shipping them to Coral Rescue Project partners. Provide a succinct and accurate description of the proposal in no more than 1000 words. The abstract must capture the academic significance of the research, the hypotheses or research questions to be addressed, the approach and feasibility of the study.

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