Adaptive Computing Models for Cybersecurity Threats and Information Analysis

Principal Investigator/Project Director

Gregory Simco

Colleges / Centers

College of Computing and Engineering


U.S. Department of Education (USED)

Start Date



Brief overview: The goal of this Community Project Funding (CPF) is to respond to critical cybersecurity community needs by making certain that NSU's College of Computing and Engineering (CCE) remains at the forefront of ensuring that our students have the knowledge required to meet the increasing and unmet demand for a skilled workforce in this arena. The project objective is to increase NSU's research and instructional capacity by purchasing and implementing the equipment and infrastructure needed for high-performance computing capabilities and NIST 800-171 compliance. Successful achievement of the project objective will lead to a project outcome that will allow NSU to increase and expand upon its current education- related grants and research activities, specifically opening the door to additional Department of Defense grants (which require NIST 800-171 compliance), infusing valuable resources into the local workforce and local economy. Once the initial phase of the high-performance computing hardware and software infrastructure is built out, then NSU will finalize our NIST 800-171 policies and procedures, train faculty and staff on applicable policies and procedures, and begin to use the high-performance computing hardware and software for research. Over a three-year period, formative evaluation methods will ensure that interim outputs/measures serve as indicators of progress. Responses to formative evaluation prompts/questions will document status and quality of implementation, key successes, and challenges/lessons learned; it will encourage utilization of quantitative and qualitative data to inform decision-making and continuous quality improvement, part of a fidelity evaluation to assess if the project is being conducted as planned, and to assess progress in meeting the project objective.

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