HSI Implementation and Evaluation Project: Co-Curricular Strategies to Support Academically Challenged Diverse Undergraduate STEM Majors

Principal Investigator/Project Director

Meline Kevorkian

Colleges / Centers

College of Computing and Engineering


National Science Foundation

Start Date



The project will assess the impact of a new and innovative combination of timely coaching/mentoring and co-curricular strategies targeting a cohort of STEM majors who are placed on ( or who through early identification are deemed to be at risk of being placed on) academic probation. An intersectional team of STEM faculty, industry, and near-peer coaches/mentors/role models will work collectively to ensure that the academic ambitions of Computer Science, Engineering, Biology, and Marine Biology majors won't be hindered by challenges encountered in the first two years of study. Coaches/mentors will provide high quality, asset-based services in a timely and continuous manner, serving as allies to facilitate a positive academic mindset to Hispanic and other underrepresented STEM majors, and providing guidance (and referrals as needed) to high-quality wrap-around resources to address students' individual academic and personal needs. The project will contribute important findings to the body of knowledge in STEM higher education regarding the relationship between academic success outcomes ( especially among underrepresented students at HSIs) and coordinated programs and services. The project goal is to better understand issues in the retention and degree attainment of STEM undergraduates ( especially those who belong to groups underrepresented in STEM) to pursue successful STEM careers and contribute to the American innovation economy. Objectives: 1: Form a new Coaching Cohort that provides holistic and timely support services for struggling STEM freshmen and sophomores in coordination with institutional academic programs and services. 2: Study effectiveness of coordinated coaching and co-curricular interventions for academically challenged diverse STEM majors at HSIs.

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