Conference 2021 AHMB MINDS Conference Grant

Principal Investigator/Project Director

Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez

Colleges / Centers

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences


National Science Foundation

Start Date



The AHMB Mentoring for INnovative Design Solutions (MINDS) Scholar Program is an innovative approach that provides students with the opportunity to collaborate and network with peers and mentors across the country for 5-month period, while building necessary engineering design skills, including three key considerations that are not usually stressed in coursework projects. The 3 key considerations are: (1) market considerations for commercialization (unmet need, size of market reimbursement potential, etc.), (2) regulatory strategy, and (3) evaluating prospects for intellectual property protection. These are essential skills for designing products with a high probability of societal benefits. Each annual MINDS Scholar Program starts with a synchronous workshop, where students meet their team members and mentors, and create an action plan for their participation in the program. They select a central design idea that will be refined during the 5-month period. MINDS Scholars enhance their knowledge of product design. They also learn how to effectively communicate with teammates and mentors from other schools and organizations using collaborative online tools. Participation in the MINDS Scholar Program is through a nationwide, competitive application process. Students need not be AHMB members to participate. Students are recruited through our chapter advisors and their student leaders, and by directly contacting BME program chairs. Recruitment strives for geographical diversity, gender balance, and inclusivity to students from diverse backgrounds and/or characteristics. Acceptance rate for 2021-2022 was 28.6% after application panel review.

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