Cooperation and Alignment of Services to Engage Hispanic and Low Income Transfer and Native Students Pursuing High Interest/High Demand STEM Fields

Principal Investigator/Project Director

Meline Kevorkian

Colleges / Centers

Office of Academic Affairs


U.S. Department of Education

Start Date



NSU and MDC will increase their collective capacity to develop collaborative programs and services based on a Cooperative Comprehensive Development Plan to develop: (1) enhanced outreach and academic support services for Hispanic and low income students that incorporate specific strategies to better serve both native NSU and MDC transfer students; and (2) an inter-segmental, fully scaffolded degree pathway offering strategic high impact learning experiences for Hispanic and low income students majoring in the high wage, high demand, high interest fields of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Behavioral Neuroscience, or Engineering (Biomedical or Industrial & Systems). CDP Goals G1: Close achievement gaps in programs and courses where students are at high risk of dropout, failure, or withdrawal (D/F/W). G2: Support student transition through completion of the baccalaureate degree G3: Strengthen opportunity equity for Hispanic students. CDP Objectives/Outcomes O1: Enrollment – To increase by an average of 40% the overall number of full-time students who are enrolled in lower or upper division courses in the targeted baccalaureate programs at NSU. a. Increase by an average of 75% the number of Hispanics at NSU and MDC declaring a major in a targeted NSU program. b. The percentage of NSU juniors who have transferred from MDC to major in a targeted baccalaureate degree program will be comparable to MDC share of transfers in the State University System. O2: Retention – To increase by an average of 12 percentage points the Fall-to-Fall retention rate of full-time majors in the targeted programs. a. Reduce by an average 15 percentage points the retention rate gap between Hispanic and overall students retained in the targeted baccalaureate programs at NSU. b. The Fall-to-Fall retention rate of full-time freshmen at MDC who declare an intent to major at NSU in the targeted programs will be comparable to MDC overall retention rates. O3: Experiential Learning – To increase to 100% the number of NSU baccalaureate graduates in the targeted programs who participate in high quality undergraduate research and/or work-based learning experience. O4: Graduation – To increase by an average of 14 percentage points the percentage of full-time NSU students in a targeted program who graduate within six years of initial enrollment. This project includes several specific transfer strategies for MDC students that are responsive to Competitive Preference Priority #2. MDC students will be better prepared for success upon transfer to NSU through the design and expansion of new and enhanced outreach and transition activities as part of a comprehensive guided pathway to increase degree attainment for Hispanic and low-income community college transfers from project partner MDC. NSU will develop and pilot test a carefully planned outreach campaign to maximize communication to potential MDC transfer students to increase awareness of programs offered, admission requirements, academic planning/preparation, and career opportunities.

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