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Community, Curriculum, Fitness, Health, Junior High School, Physical Education, Students


The writer developed and implemented a program that would improve the eighth grade girls' cardiovascular scores with aerobics. The practicum setting was a junior high school located in a southern urban metropolitan area. The program's aims helped the eighth grade girls to improve their cardiovascular fitness, to adapt to stress, have a good self-image, and. to improve their physical being. They were made aware of the fact that regular exercise had many mental benefits. The program began with the testing of the girls in the 12-minute run. After testing, the students received a point chart. The students had to obtain 30 points per week. The program consisted of five tasks: Distance Running, Fartlex Running, Interval Running, Running for “A,” Repetition Training, Rope Jumping. The results of the aerobic training showed that the eighth grade girls improved on their cardiovascular score by 24 percent or higher. The program became a permanent part of the physical education curriculum for the school. Also, this program will be used in the school's Community School Conditioning class. (Appendices include Rope Jumping Program, Running Track, Heart Rate Chart, Jogging Chart, Aerobic Chart, and Point Chart.)

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