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Center for the Advancement of Education


Mole Concept, Science Instruction, Chemistry, Scientific Literacy, Abstract Reasoning, Concept Formation, Scientific methodology, Computer Assisted Instruction, Mathematical Applications, Programmed Instructional Materials, Problem Solving, Mathematical Models.


The high percentage of students with difficulty in solving free-response problems related to the mole concept was addressed by implementation of reading skill strategies and computer aided instruction. Frayer models, semantic mapping and graphic organizers from Reading in the Content Area (RICA) were employed to increase student understanding of the scientific principles involved. Computers and a variety of computer programs from COMPress and Knowledge Factory were used by the target group for review, drill, and practice in relating their math skills to solving problems. The results indicated a considerable increase in the ability to solve problems related to the mole concept. It was concluded that better understanding of scientific concepts coupled with computer use for drill and practice is very effective in helping students relate science and mathematics. Appendices include evaluation instruments, examples of the RICA Skills, supplimentary handouts used for computer instruction, and sample responses from student comments regarding computer aided instruction.

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