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Music majors at the three year Bible college Practical Bible Training School (PBTS) have been unable to transfer music credits to other colleges to complete baccalaureate degrees due to a dissimilarity in program requirements. The purpose of this practicum was to compare program requirements at Christian colleges where PBTS graduates were likely to transfer, identifying common courses at these institutions to be used as the core of a new, transferable music program at PBTS. Catalogs from 44 colleges representing 113 music programs were obtained, and required courses were analyzed for all programs according to kind of college (Bible or liberal arts), accreditation status, degree, and specific music major. Five courses--music theory, music history, conducting, applied music, and ensemble--were required by over eighty percent of all music programs; no other course was required by over half of all programs. The majors church music, music education, performance, and general music accounted for eighty-four percent of the programs in these colleges. Hymnology and church music administration were required by over four out of five of the programs in each of these majors. Other courses significant in one or more of the analysis is categories were counterpoint, form and analysis, orchestration, arranging, church music internship, pedagogy, and elementary, secondary, and instrumental methods. A music curriculum consisting of required courses in music theory, music history, conducting, ensemble, hymnology, and church music administration was recommended for PBTS. Courses forming three elective concentrations were also recommended. These consisted of church music internship and arranging for church music; elementary, secondary, and instrumental methods for music education; and form ad analysis and pedagogy for performance.

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