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Reading Comprehension, Reading Skills, Reading Interests, Reading Materials, Language Skills, Vocabulary Skills, Vocabulary Building, Vocabulary Development, Context Clue, College Entrance Examinations, Achievement Tests, Standardized Tests, College Admission, Motivation Techniques, Low Achievement


This practicum was designed to improve the verbal skills of English 11 General students taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The four verbal areas which were targeted for improvement were: (a) antonym skills, (b) analogy skills, (c) sentence completion skills, and (c) reading comprehension skills as wen as overall SAT verbal performance. After pretesting to determine the baseline verbal skills of students in these areas, the researcher implemented a variety of verbal activities in order to improve students' skills in these areas. The 10-week program consisted of class lectures, class discussions, and a variety of SAT practice activities that were done either in an individual or group-work setting. The results indicated overall positive results in analogies, reading comprehension, and SAT verbal performance. It was concluded that the use of SAT practice and familiarization activities can significantly increase student performance on the verbal portion of the SAT. Appendices include sample pretests, posttests, a Prefix/Root Word student handout, and the researcher's SAT preparation recommendation given to English 11 General teachers.

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