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Center for the Advancement of Education


Algorithms, Basic Skills, Computation, Computational Linguistics, Elementary School Mathematics, Equations, Math Achievement, Mathematics Anxiety, Mathematical Application, Mathematical Instruction, Mathematica Vocabulary, Number Concepts, Problem Sets, Problem Solving, Self-Evaluation, Symbols


The author defined a deficiency in test scores in an a fifth grade setting that consisted of above-average intelligent students and devised a treatment to remediate the targeted students. The objectives were to improve test scores; improve affective behaviors; improve basic skills knowledge; improve the concept of word problems involving money; and to increase instruction in mathematical vocabulary. The researcher defined a target group by using a pretest. The target group worked within the heterogeneous fifth grade classroom setting. Small discussion groups were defined within the setting for the purpose of peer interaction within the discipline pf problem solving. Large and small group instructional techniques were employed. Instructional and oral discussion times were increased within the setting. Problem solving heuristics were introduced and practiced. Immediate feedback was given; problems were defined; and remediation was provided. A workbook was developed that incorporated: basic skills, logic, clue-word vocabulary, affective questioning techniques, evaluative tools, a basic instructional plan, and a answer key. The results were positive in four of the five objectives. Basic mathematics facts need to be mastered earlier in the academic program to reduce common error. (Appendices include the developed workbook with task sheets, instructional information evaluative materials, results of surveys, results of state achievement tests, mathematics vocabulary, and letters.)

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