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Pre-Service, In-Service(Teacher Training, Teacher Feedback, Precision Teaching, Supervision of Teachers(Teacher Observation, Leaming Disabilities, Exceptional Children, Teacher Effectiveness, Monitoring Students' Progress, Corrective Feedback, Program Evaluation.


Graduate students were given the opportunity to become involved in a teacher training program as a practicum experience toward advanced degrees in elementary education, learning disabilities, emotional handicaps or reading. The major focus of the practicum dealt with the training and supervision of practicum students in utilizing precision teaching to instruct children (grades K-6) within the framework of a specialized program. The aims were to increase teachers' repertoires of instructional methods, behavioral management techniques, and to develop a training manual to have teachers utilize precision teaching. The program contained three pre-service workshops and seven in-service workshops. The format for each session was lecture, demonstration, and group learning experiences. Each teacher received a training manual consisting of 10 learning packets containing relevant information (readings, hand-outs based on lectures, and samples of teaching techniques). An identical pre and post test administered to the teachers revealed a significant increase in knowledge and application of instructional methods and organizational and management techniques. Successful teacher results had a positive effect on continued student enrollment in the fall program. (Appendices include the training manual, samples of pre-post test results, a teacher effectiveness feedback form, and an evaluation of the learning experience completed by the teachers.)

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