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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice


Shery Bennett

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Barbara Christina


Pre-K attention span, Head-Start, reading, ADHD


This applied dissertation improved attention spans in pre-kindergarten Head-Start kids. The project sought to understand short attention spans, found effective therapies, evaluated long-term impacts, and determined how parental engagement affected reading. Southeastern Florida pre-k’s from varied socioeconomic and cultural origins were the target group. Understanding the origins of these attention issues were essential for devising focused therapies. ADHD is the main cause of short attention spans in Head-Start pre-ks, according to this research. Attention problems were also caused by anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, trauma, stress, and learning disabilities. re-kindergarten children' attention spans may be improved with effective treatments. Parental participation improved reading attention spans, according to one research. This research examined how interventions affect academic performance and achievement over time. Pre-kindergarten kids in Head-Start programs were more likely to graduate high school, enroll in college, and earn post-secondary certificates or degrees if attention span treatments were included. ADHD, trauma, and separation anxiety pupils' emotional and social development is supported by these approaches.

The research covered studies and theoretical perspectives on attention span, early childhood development, and academic achievement. Research showed that attention included selective, sustained, and executive control. Interventions for particular attention issues need understanding these components. Several variables affected early childhood attention span. Pre-kindergarteners' attention spans varied according to genetics, environment, and personality. Cognitive, social, and emotional development were also linked to attention span. Academically, students with attention issues struggled and behaved poorly.

The purpose is to assure the rigor of the research and to offer a clear explanation of how attention span was tested and analyzed. Pre-K pupils participating in Head-Start programs in Southeastern Florida were the study's target group.

Pre-kindergarten children may overcome attention disorders including ADHD, anxiety, trauma, stress, and learning challenges with thorough studies and treatments. Daily report cards, family therapy, and greater parent-child bonds were stressed in the results. Computer-based learning also improved student engagement and attentiveness. Attention span therapies improved academic performance and accomplishment, improving the chance of high school completion, college enrollment, and post-secondary certifications or degrees. This dissertation illuminated early childhood development, attention span, and academic achievement, affecting Southeastern Florida pre-kindergarten Head-Start children's scholastic and social well-being.

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