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Evaluating a Daily 90-Minute, Remedial Reading Intervention for Influence on Students’ Reading Achievement. Loretta Faith Harris, 2011: Applied Dissertation, Nova Southeastern University, Abraham S. Fischler School of Education. ERIC Descriptors: Achievement Level, High School, Reading Fluency, Remedial Reading, Criterion Referenced Tests.

The goal of NCLB educational reform was to bring all students to a level of academic proficiency by 2014-2015. Tenth-grade students are expected to show success in meeting the state standards by achieving a passing score of 1926 DSS on the reading section of the criterion-referenced test. Level 1 students demonstrating need in the areas of decoding or fluency are required to have an extended block of reading intervention with the same teacher for the entire 90-minute period of instruction. The research examined the effects of such extended time on Level 1 tenth-grade students’ reading-achievement levels as indicated by the state-mandated criterion-referenced test scores and oral reading fluency.

The study revealed a daily 90-minute high school remedial reading program influenced Level 1 tenth-grade students’ fluency scores as measured by oral-reading fluency probes. On the other hand, a daily 90-minute high school remedial reading program did not adequately prepare students to demonstrate success in terms of state standards as measured by the state criterion-referenced test. A recommended change to the current reading program included the use of grade-level texts with increasing levels of complexity during whole-group and small-group instructions. Exposure to grade-level texts heightens students’ comprehension proficiency, essential for the increasingly complex texts encountered on the state-mandated criterion-referenced test. Overall, the results of the 90-minute high school remedial reading program confirmed the sustainability of the program.

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